Friday, July 1, 2011

Semicolon Labs is a place where Semicolon Developers love to hangout on Wednesdays.
We work on toy projects that are interesting and cool (at least to our team).


We try hard to not schedule project deadlines on Wednesdays. We focus more on having fun while building things. We play with HTML5, WebGL, Javascript, Node.Js. Sometimes, we play with Android. We work on something that is challenging to our team. Wednesdays are fun here, they are hot and trendy too in terms of our development language choices. Our projects may not work across all platforms or browsers but we are more focused on implementing our ideas where they work.

With Semicolon Labs, we will be sharing our works in public domain. You can use the projects, source code any way you like. Just don’t forget to include the license attached in respective projects while reusing them. Also, please  link back to us when you use some of the projects, resources or code we share.

Semicolon Labs has got its own place now :