Sunday, October 9, 2011

“Health is multi factorial ailments. It is fundamental human right. Right and responsibility are two sides of a coin. Thus, the responsibility for health comes to individual, community, society, and nation as well. The widening gap between health status of poor and rich people, rural and urban people is alarming. To minimize the gap, every one from individual, community, society and national level should be aware to develop and utilize quality health care service through their full involvement.” – Mr. Nirmal Sapkota, Program Manager, Dhaulagiri Health Cooperative.

Dhaulagiri Health Cooperative Ltd. is a community health campaign to develop community health care system in Dhaulagiri Zone of Nepal. Via the website, the campaign is requesting people who care about health status in Dhaulagiri zone to join the campaign and support it in full effect. This is a campaign designed by the people and for the people from Dhaulagiri Zone of Nepal. Join them to support in their endeavor.

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