Monday, January 30, 2012

Have you tried opening Online Baghchal Website before ? Out of ~160 registered users so far more than ~20% of them were commenting on our Facebook page and Website Feedback page that site doesn’t load at all in their browser. Tracing the problem we found we had minor bug in the Node.Js code for homepage. Which was not properly transferring HTTP Headers & others. We were working on UC3, but this was more urgent problem in the site. So, after Update Cycle 2, here it comes UC 2.1 with Home Page Fix. Hope our all Facebook fans and those who sent us feedback about home page problem will now get to enjoy Online Bagh Chal smoothly.

Earlier today in our Facebook update we said that Online Baghchal can be played well in Android smart-phones. Yes it was possible but with some workarounds. But now, any android browser which supports Javascript should run Online Baghchal fine. Please test and let us know whether it works or not. I tried today morning to play with that workaround connecting my android device to internet via Ncell GPRS, yet found the game play very impressive. Things on Online Baghchal app are getting well day by day. We thank you all for playing Baghchal and sending us feedbacks. We will now focus on UC3 which is a feature addition to support Online Baghchal Competition.

Update Cycle 2.1 : Minor Updates
Here is a quick listing of minor feature improvements and bug fixed in Online Bagh chal Update Cycle 2.1 (UC2.1)

1) Home page problem fixed : So what ?

-> Now Online Baghchal will Open Up everywhere except in your Internet Explorer web browser (Stop using it or don’t blame us website doesn’t work in IE, we do not support Internet Explorer Web Browser. It is one of the worst web browser. Please upgrade to latest Firefox or Google Chrome.)
-> Works Everywhere : where ? 
- Android phones (tested)
- iPhone (not tested)
- In all of your browsers who commented site is not working and said it throws Website Not Found errors.
- Even with your NTC or NCELL GPRS (tested)

2) /game styled : look feel made similar to homepage. It was used for workaround mentioned above.
3) Added Created Time to Profile page finished game table.
-> this hints when a player was last active in online baghchal.
4) Game play Chat – watcher’s name highlighted differently, also message shown as notification on top.

5) Game play chat time increased, 20 seconds
-> After game finishes players now  can chat 20 more seconds before the chat box disappears, it was 10 seconds before.

6) Minor consistency over texts throughout the static pages
Thanks Madhusudan for the feedback. We appreciate you checking out the site thoroughly.
Thank you all for joining in our website not caring that Signup barrier, we are lovin it ;)
We are working on making Online Baghchal play experience even more smooth.

Let’s Play Baghchal Online.

Online Bagh Chal team
Semicolon Developers