Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you just heard about Online Bagh Chal please visit and try it now.

Here is a quick listing of minor feature improvements and bug fixed in Online Bagh chal Update Cycle 2 (UC2).

1) Notification for private message ? 
For specific situations like when one online user sends private message to another offline user.

2) Notification – click to read effect
-> notification indicator (number count) adjusted..

3) Help message below Score at profile page. “Score System ?”
For those who are curious to know how the score is calculated.

4) Game Logic
Fixed few bugs noticed during game play.

5) Online User Score
-> Online user score should now sync the actual score at profile page.

6) Finished/Giveup games table
-> Finished game tab got a new look. Games are now shown in two groups.

7) Pop up message – error in transfer – for unidentified cases – removed.

8) “Is online” growl message for all online users.
-> To notify users when other user come online.

9) “Is watching game” –
-> In Game Play chat box, whenever other online users joins your game to watch, notification message is added to the chat box.

10) Show all messages in Message reload – in game chat
-> Had some problem with this, all messages were not loaded during Game play page refresh. It’s fixed now.

11) Goat captured (dead goat) notification on both sides.

What to expect on UC3 ?

Possibly we would have Online Baghchal Competition this valentine.

Happy Playing.
Online Bagh Chal team
Semicolon Developers