Thursday, August 8, 2013


Baghchal game has been played on hand drawn board on floor/wood with big stones as tigers and small stones as goats since centuries in villages of Nepal.

Baghchal is a traditional abstract game that is popular in Nepal. The name roughly translates to Tigers. Moving. It is an abstract strategy game with an asymmetric setup, i.e. a different number of pieces per side. One opponent plays four tiger pieces and the other plays twenty goats.

Primary Name : बाघचाल/Baghchal

Tiger & Bull chess
Lambs & Tigers
Bagha Chheli
Adu puli attam

Alternate Names
Tiger & goats
Bagha Chal
Dhun Case (Newari)
Moving Tigers
Tiger Game

Chinese Chess

Game Objective
For Tigers: Capture five goats.
For Goats: Block all tigers’ legal moves.

General Rules For Tigers
1) Tigers move across board lines since the beginning
2) Tigers can move one step however to capture they can jump over a goat and move two steps
3) They can jump over a goat in any direction, but it must be to an adjacent intersection following any of the lines drawn on the board.
4) A tiger cannot jump over another tiger.

General Rules For Goats
1) In first phase of the gameplay - 20 goats are placed in board turn by turn.
2) After all 20 goats are in board, goats also move across board lines. They can move one step.
3) They must leave the board when captured.
4) They can not jump over the tigers or other goats.

1) Known among Nepalese & foreigners worldwide (25M)
2) Baghchal game is a draw.
3) Player Age: Any
4) Baghchal game can be as short as 5 min & as long as 1 hr.
5) No of players: 2
6) Skill required: Strategy
7) Board setup : 1 Minute
8) Expert players can trap tigers even before placing all 20 goats in board

Typical Baghchal Gameplay
1) At start of the game, four tigers are placed at corners. First turn is of goats
2) End of placement phase when all 20 goats are placed on the board. Now goats move
3) End of the game. Here goat win in the fig as all tigers’ legal moves are blocked

Play Baghchal Game Online
1) Play with computer:
) Create Games. Play with others in real-time
3) Build Baghchal Game Strategies using Game Builder
) Participate in Online Baghchal Competitions
5) Play offline or online from Online Baghchal Android app