Thursday, October 24, 2013

Internship Opening: [Valid till end of October 2013]
Android apps/game development Intern - 1
& Web development Intern - 1
Internship: Onsite, 6 months, 4 hours/day (flexible for morning college students).

If you want to build career as a programmer, who is a respected person in our society that can convert ideas into apps/startups - we have an internship opportunity for you. The internship period will be 6 months. First 3 month, unpaid - hit & trial resource hunting phase, where you'll learn to google, stackoverflow and know what is professional programming and software development. After 3 months paid - now get into programming phase - we'll gradually assign you small and meaningful programming/development tasks. At the end of internship, after 6 months, depending upon the quality of code you produce, performance you show and from our evaluation you'll be offered a fulltime or part-time job placement at Semicolon. 

For us internship is like inviting someone who wants to learn, build skills to work on the type of products we are developing (eg. Online Baghchal, CAMS, AppsJhola, etc) and provide them a good technical ambient, enough opportunities, exercises & exposures so that we can give back to their liking for our products. During internship period, when you assure us that you have our kind of taste in technology and products and you can perform well as a Semicolon Developer we'll hire you for unlimited years.

A good candidate will have: Basic Programming (for-loops, functions, class/objects) & Technology Inspection Skill (can derive ideas from products like: facebook, google+) 

Android Apps/Game development intern: 1 Opening

Students of 1st-2nd year in intermediate or bachelors who are very keen on Android development and mobile platform, who want to build career as respected Android Developer. Technologies you'll learn to work on: Android platform & SDK, Android Studio/Eclipse ADT, Apps UI design patterns, Web Services, Real time apps development, Game Development.

Web development intern: 1 Opening
Fresh bachelors graduates with concepts of web technologies, database and professional software development are encouraged to apply. Technologies you'll learn to work on are: HTML5/CSS3, LAMP Stack (Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP), jQuery/Ajax, MEAN Stack (MongoDB/Express/AngularJs/Node.js), CSS Frameworks, MVC Frameworks(CodeIgniter, ExpressJs), CMS like Wordpress.

We want to see a fraction of us in you - that's a hard working programmer personality with a sense of quality apps, collaborative development, development standards, apps design ideas, user interface design, user experience design, sense of users, customers and respect to their digital experiences. A creative, imaginative, respectful and resourceful person with good communication skills. And of course you know about Semicolon Developers and its products. And you might have played Baghchal game while you were kid.

How to Apply:
Send your resume and cover letter to our HR with "Semicolon Internship" in subject line
[Opening Valid till end of October 2013]

We hire our interns:
We have a strong taste and preferences for programming personality and skill sets - which you won't know without writing code with us together !!! If you already have basic skills we'll sharpen them. If you are just getting started we'll boost up your skill-sets and confidence to the level of Semicolon Developers. A Semicolon Developer !

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