Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Job Title: Android Application Developer
Job Type: Full Time, Opening: 1
Experience: 6 Months+
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Semicolon Developers Office.
Opening valid till: May 15th 2014

We want to see a fraction of us in you - that's a hard working programmer personality with a sense of quality apps, collaborative development, development standards, apps design ideas, user interface design, user experience design, sense of users, customers and respect to their digital experiences. A creative, imaginative, respectful and resourceful person with good communication skills. And of course you know about Semicolon Developers and its products. And you might have played Baghchal game while you were kid.

    Our office

Perks at Semicolon Developers:

1. Free lunch and refreshment.
2. Yearly salary increment.
3. CIK fund on salary.
4. Project bonuses and recreation.
5. Individual project assignment and handling with daily supervisions.
6. Industry standard software development practices.
7. Learn to architecture, design, code and build software like a Semicolon Developer
8. Company funded participation on skill building seminars, events and conferences.

Hiring Process at Semicolon

1. CV collection and short listing.
2. Skill Assessment
  (Candidate has to complete 30 minutes to 1 hours hands on, unguided programming assignment, internet access is provided)
3. Interview call for good performer in Skill Assessment.
4. Review of performance in hands on skills test and interview. 
5. Positioning candidate in Semicolon based on the review.


1. Translate apps requirements into concepts and awesome User Experience (UX).
2. Develop interactive Android Apps with integrated web service (API/REST/XML-RPC).
3. R&D Android trends and technologies, plus home automation with android.
4. Visualize complex sets of data representation for easier android implementation.
5. Build and optimize existing products of semicolon and new client projects.
6. Build Cloud Apps.
7. Build modular and skeleton/template apps for general purpose requirements.

Required Skills & Personality

1. Familiar with different Android Platforms, SDK and design challenges caused by android fragmentation
2. Taste for quality product.
3. Quick turnaround time to produce clean and standard apps.
4. Open source admirer, contributor and understands differences in OSS Licencing.
5. Ability to handle project independently, able to work under pressure and deadline
    with minimal assistance, solopreneur in need !
6. Disciplined and dedicated human being.
7. Easy going, self motivated and charismatic person.
8. Professional etiquette.
9. Quick Learner
10. Academic Qualification: Bachelors Degree or eqv. (skills get priority)

How to Apply:

To apply, write us (at hr[@] with “Application for Android Apps Developer” at subject line), mention following in your cover letter or resume:

1. Link to past works with brief description and your role.
2. Expected annual salary
3. At least 2 references in CV.

Up-to you to tell our HR manager why you're fit for Semicolon Developers in your cover letter.

Note: If you are searching for Android development internship opportunities near Kathmandu and landed at this vacancy, we are accepting candidates for internships too. Feel free to apply and please include the word “Application for Android Internship” at the subject line of your email.

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